It is a film former and protective protein with very good skin tolerance. The hair becomes supple, shiny again and is easier to comb. Almond protein has a high affinity (similarity) to hair keratin. It attaches to the outer layers of the hair and makes the hair more resistant.


Is a vitamin B complex, but is also called vitamin H. It improves the quality of the keratin of the hair, increases the hair‘s strength and combats hair loss.

Is a vegetable oil obtained from pressing the stone and flesh of the olive. Dry and depleted hair, in particular, is nourished and vitalised using olive oil. Olive oil makes hair softer, shiner and stronger.

White tea grows in the province of Fujian, in southern China. White tea is very valuable, because it can only be harvested on a few days in spring. The leaves contain an especially high concentrate of phenolic substances. These so-called catechines are very effective in reducing free radicals.

Obtained from ripe fruit. The fruit contains up to 13% saccharine, 2 – 3% citric acid, vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, P, provitamin A, carbohydrate, cellulose, minerals (potassium, phosphorus, calcium). The extract has good toning properties, providing elasticity, shine and protection to coloured hair.

This oil has a strongly antibacterial and regenerative effect. Thanks to large amounts of vitamin E and pomegranate-seed fatty acid (omega 5), the oil effectively counters fading and ageing of the hair.


The “cementing” properties of fibroin are particularly effective in hair care products. The silk proteins are deposited as thin layers on the keratin of the hair and protect it from drying out. They reflect in the light and give a healthy, beautiful, silky shine. The hair remains handy, flexible and does not stick.

Is a type of liana that originates in the Amazon Basin. Its red fruits, with bitter-tasting kernels, are characterised by their high caffeine content. Caffeine fortifies the hair roots and effectively prevents hair loss.

Wheat protein is a high-quality cosmetic ingredient made from vegetable proteins. Porous and dull hair is made smooth, shiny and full. The moisture balance is regulated, and the hair is easier to comb when wet. Wheat proteins effectively protect the hair from damage.

Shampoo with beer is not a common sight, but really it makes perfect sense, because beer contains yeast, malt and hops. Hops helps hair grow long and strong and also have a calming effect on itchy scalps. This potent cocktail of natural ingredients gives tired and lifeless hair a boost of vitality to transform it into glossy, voluminous tresses.


Keratin is a protein that is the key structural building block for hair.

As an ingredient of hair care products Hydrolized Keratin offers various benefits: Keratin provides shine while keeping hair smooth, soft and strong, all at the same time.

Because it also supports the natural regeneration process, it makes hair look healthier.


The oil improves the circulation and nourishment of the skin cells and the roots of the hair, stimulates skin regeneration and makes skin supple.

Milk proteins have a high amount of hydrophilic amino acids, making it a natural moisturiser for the skin and hair. They give hair more structure and volume and even out rough hair surfaces.

Thanks to its complex of vitamins and minerals and its unsaturated fatty acids, this oil has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect on the scalp; it strengthens the hair follicles and regenerates the scalp cells. The oil effectively reduces dandruff formation and hair loss, and accelerates hair growth.

Pure beeswax is an excellent consistency generator, which not only forms the cream base for other ingredients, but also maintains it itself: thanks to its antibacterial properties, it keeps germs away. Beeswax also makes the skin supple and stimulates blood circulation.

Hemp oil is a fatty vegetable oil, obtained from the seeds of the hemp plant. It is primarily used in products for rough, inflamed or flaky skin, as the special fatty acids contained in hemp oil prevent skin cracking and drying out and additionally prevent excessive loss of moisture.


Bisabolol is the main component of chamomile oil. It effectively fights and prevents inflammation. It also contains antiseptic substances and has a strong antibacterial effect. It soothes the scalp and inhibits the overproduction of sebum.

The fatty acids contained in jojoba oil have a positive effect on the skin and scalp: The wax cares for the scalp and protects it without leaving a greasy oil film. It ensures that the natural moisture of the scalp is retained. It inhibits inflammation, prevents hair loss and soothes scalp itching. Jojoba oil for the hair gives shine and moisturizes. It repairs dry hair and damaged ends.

Macadamia nut oil contains not only several fatty acids, vitamins A and E, and minerals, but also palmitic acid, which is especially vital for the hair. The oil has moisturising and regenerating properties and reduces inflammation. When used as an ingredient in a hair treatment, it instantly leaves hair smooth and silky soft.

The evening primrose grows in the USA and Mexico. The oil contains a well-balanced complex of gamma-linoleic and linoleic acid, and moisturises and strengthens the hair. The oil is particularly effective when used to prevent hair loss.

Panthenol, also known as provitamin B5, is a true hydration champion. The substance is extremely gentle to skin and hair and increases their ability to seal in moisture. This doesn’t just improve the hydration status, but also adds elasticity and softness to hair and skin.


The antimicrobial ingredient Tamarind is the fruit of the tamarind tree that grows in Africa, Asia and South America. As an ingredient in shampoo, tamarind has a very welcome effect on hair: It smoothes stubborn tresses and makes sure unruly hair doesn’t turn into a ball of frizz.

This precious oil has been used in the beauty industry and in the kitchen alike since ancient times. Argan oil is produced from the seeds of the argan tree, which grows only in southwest Morocco. It is rich in essential fatty acids that are vital to the hair as well as vitamins A, E and F.

Shea butter comes from Africa. It is obtained from the karite nut. The shea nut is the fruit of the shea tree, which is at home in tropical Africa between Senegal and Uganda. The fruits contain 50 percent fat, which in Africa is used both for baking and roasting and as a care product for skin and hair. The pulp of the nuts is eaten. Shea butter supplies brittle and frayed hair with moisture. It smooths the ends of the hair and makes them supple, soft and easy to comb. Like an invisible film, it wraps around each individual hair and locks in moisture. It gives a wonderful shine and a healthy appearance.

Linseed oil is considered a high-quality oil because of its generous content of polyunsaturated fatty acids. It provides scalp and hair with hydration and revives thirsty strands.

Contains vitamin C and valuable minerals that are easily absorbed by the scalp and hair and give the hair a natural shine. Hibiscus extract nourishes and hydrates the hair particularly intensively and thus prevents the ends of the hair from drying out and splitting. No chance for frizz and split ends! The amino acids in the hibiscus extract also strengthen the hair roots, stimulate hair growth and counteract hair loss. So the hair looks stronger and more voluminous again.


Zinc Sulfate has a strong astringent effect. It promotes wound healing and offers disinfecting properties.

Apricot oil softens hair and gives it beautiful healthy shine. Besides countless minerals apricot oil contains fatty acids such as oleic acid, an omega-9 fatty acid. This makes apricot oil ideal for every hair type.

Aloe vera is a beauty industry’s favorite. Not only does it provide serious hydration, it also nourishes skin and hair with vital nutrients, hence its healing properties that help sooth irritated scalps.

Countless nutrients, that are beneficial to healthy hair, can be found in moringa extract. Some of these essential substances are vitamin B3, biotin, zinc, iron and vitamin C. Especially for example biotin and zinc, are also used on their own in hair care – with proven results.

Walnut extract, a high-quality active ingredient, always provides pure nourishment to keep hair looking healthy and smooth. Walnut extract also helps hair bind the pigments longer and protects color-treated hair very effectively. 

The yellow-orange seabuckthorn berries contain an abundance of vitamin C. Due to its astringent effect this ingredient leaves the hair surface even and super-shiny.

Has a high biotin content that enhances the quality of hair’s keratin and helps reduce hair loss. It contains proteins that coat the hair shaft, smoothing and strengthening it so that each individual hair appears thicker. Hair has noticeably more volume, body and bounce. The natural film protects the hair from drying out while making wet and dry hair easier to comb.