Analyse the natural shade on different areas of the head (nape, crown, sides, top of the head and fringe area), as well as the colour of the lengths and ends. For our model, the roots must first be lightened, then the lengths and ends, in order to achieve an even, beautiful blonde colour.

Mix KEEN BLEACHING CREAM with KEEN DEVELOPER 3% in a ratio of 1: 2 until a creamy mixture is produced.

Start with a clean division from ear to ear. Apply the bleaching mixture accurately to the natural roots.

Part the hair at the back of the head in the centre. Always start bleaching on the darkest area of the hair (generally at the nape).

Work using fine divisions from the nape to the crown, always applying sufficient bleaching mixture.

The finer the divisions and the more that the hair is surrounded by the bleaching mixture, the more definite and lighter the end result.

Work with fine divisions to the front hairline.

Leave it in to work until the roots and the lengths and ends are equally light.

Now, using small divisions, accurately apply the bleaching mixture to the lengths and ends.

Leave to work until the required lightness is reached. Maximum contact time 60 minutes. If the required degree of lightness has not yet been achieved, carefully remove the bleaching mixture with the back of the comb and apply a fresh bleaching mixture.

IMPORTANT: Never interrupt the bleaching procedure with shampooing!

A beautiful and even light-blonde colour.

In the case of a sensitive scalp or recently washed hair, always apply KEEN SOOTHING FLUID to the scalp before bleaching and distribute.


Shampoo the hair using KEEN KERATIN SILVER SHAMPOO.

Leave to work for 5 minutes for a more intense result.

After rinsing, dry the hair with a towel.

Apply KEEN KERATIN SILVER EFFECT CONDITIONER to the hair. To intensify the effect, leave the conditioner to work for 2 to 5 minutes.

After this contact time, carefully rise out the KEEN KERATIN SILVER EFFECT CONDITIONER.

The less water in the hair, the more care product the hair can absorb – and the result will be more intense.


Divide the hair approximately at the hat line into a section that runs to a point at the rear of the head.

The sides are divided into two sections running at an angle to the ear.

Start using the point-cut technique at the convex line in the nape.

Start the graduation vertically in the centre of the nape and work towards the ear using starshaped sections.

Open the section behind the ear. Work the second section on the first, the third on the second … to create enough weight behind the ear.

Graduation in the neck.

Moisten the hair using HYDRO 2 PHASE SPRAY (cool cutting aid).

Develop the outer line horizontally under the ear from the graduation.

Connect the third section with the outer line using a flat graduation technique.

Now, following the side hair line, diagonally divide it up towards the back, pull the section to the front and cut it in the graduation angle.

To open up the face area, the contour is clearly worked out close to the hair line.

Use THERMO PROTECTION SPRAY to blow dry the lower division.

The hair is shaped naturally using a Denman brush.

Personalise your shape using point-cutting and slicing techniques.

Work out a loose length in the top layer of hair to guarantee movement.

Work statically from the centre of the ear to the front then to the back.

Achieve a soft transition using point-cutting.

Check the length ratios from the top of the head to the rear of the head.

Connect these lengths to achieve a gentle overhang.

The fringe section is worked out by pulling it to the top of the head and using point cutting.

A cool Eton crop with internal structure and many different styling possibilities.